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There are many gaming festivals around the globe, and in a previous blog, I touched on the top gaming events in the United States. Now let’s move to Europe, where there is a gaming festival for everyone.


Gamescom – Cologne, Germany

Gamescom is a gaming trade show that welcomes over 340,000 visitors each year. This gaming festival is the world’s second-largest gaming event and hosts over 700 different exhibitors from across the globe. The event serves as a platform to bring together the international computer and video game industry.

PGW – Paris, France

Another gaming trade show in Europe is the Paris Games Week (PGW). PGW is organized by SELL, a French gaming company that promotes video game developers. Ranked as one of the top three international video gaming shows, PGW welcomed over 300,000 visitors every year since 2015. This gaming festival is also very family friendly and includes family expos such as coding with children and gaming responsibility seminars.

Lucca Comics & Games – Lucca, Italy

Another favorite gaming festival in Europe is the Lucca Comics and Games. This event is the largest comics festival in Europe and the second largest in the world. Since 1966, the gaming festival welcomes thousands of fans, authors, illustrators, and artists each year.  Lucca Comics and Games takes place all over city and visitors can visit hundreds of stands and exhibition.

GEEK – Margate, England

The Game Expo East Kent (GEEK) is a retro game festival held in the United Kingdom. This event is one of a kind because it offers a history lesson for gaming fans. GEEK showcases the history of all types of games and even displays some of the earliest gaming consoles. Visitors love this gaming festival because you can play and use most of the history displays!

DreamHack – Multiple Locations

DreamHack is a popular European gaming festival that has events throughout the year all over the world. The event’s headquarters are in Sweden and specializes in ESports gaming conventions and tournaments. This gaming festival was even recognized by Guinness Book of Records and Twin Galaxies as being the world’s largest local area network (LAN) party and computer festival with the world’s fastest Internet connection, and the most generated traffic.


Europe has many excellent gaming festivals, and these five are at the top of my must-see list. Be sure to check back soon for a blog on the top gaming festivals in Asia!


Hal Abramson is a festival promoter based in Los Angeles who has a love of gaming and technology. Be sure to check out his other gaming blogs or follow his travels on Twitter!