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We’re back again with another Top Gaming Festivals Around the World blog. In my recent series, I offer a comprehensive list of gaming festivals and conventions around the world. So far, we’ve looked at the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia! The great thing about gaming festivals is no matter where you are located and no matter what type of gamer you are, there is a festival for you! Now let’s take a look at gaming festivals in Africa!  


rAge Expo – Johannesburg, South Africa

rAge is South Africa’s award-winning gaming festival! rAge welcomes technology, video gaming, and geek culture exhibitions. This festival has been hosted for the past 16 years and welcomes tens of thousands of attendees. While attending rAge, visitors can purchase gaming equipment, talk with local artists, and play with other gamers! The festival also displaying up and coming gaming technology and allows guests to try out new tech.


NAG LAN – Johannesburg, South Africa

NAG LAN is Southern Africa’s largest BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer/Console) festival and is held within rAge each year. NAG LAN is an event within rAge and must be purchased with a separate ticket. The event welcomes 2,000 gamers who bring their own equipment and have the opportunity to play for 52 hours, competing against others.


EGE – Cape Town, South Africa

The Electronic & Gaming Expo (EGE) is a popular African gaming festival. EGE is held each year in Cape Town and is home to everything electronic, gaming, and technology. The festival brings in approximately 10,000 guests each year and has a variety of displays. EGE has tabletop games, EA sports, awesome stands, competitive gaming, and cosplay.

VA Gaming – Fourways, South Africa

Another African gaming festival is the VA Gaming event. VA Gaming is Africa’s largest console tournament and welcomes 1,200 gamers each year.  The festival is an accredited official EA SPORTS™ FIFA 18 Global Series qualifier, and gamers can compete on both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms. Other activities during the festival include many gaming activations, fun entertainment, installations, and game shopping. VA Gaming also has “celebrity exhibition play-offs,” and the winning proceeds are donated to charity.


The gaming festival list is coming to a close – but we’re still not done. Check back soon for a list of gaming festivals in South America!


Hal Abramson is a festival promoter based in Los Angeles who has a love of gaming and technology. Be sure to check out his other gaming blogs or follow his travels on Twitter!