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Over the last few years, no technology has advanced more rapidly than that used in the gaming industry. Increasing consumer demand for the most advanced uses has led developers to continually push the envelope of discovery to create countless technical innovations. Here are a few of the most extraordinary advances in the gaming industry:


The proliferation of social media partnered with the wide availability of broadband internet has gone hand in hand with the rise of online multiplayer gaming. The shared social spaces demonstrated through online chat functions, friends lists, and collaborative gaming have all worked together to create an enhanced gaming experience for those looking to make it a social event rather than a solitary activity.


These two technologies have revolutionized the manner in which games are developed and played. 3D scanning allows devices to employ facial recognition and use that technology to create a user’s likeness in the virtual world. Advanced applications can even change the game by reading the user’s facial expressions. Voice recognition technology enables the gamer to control the game simply through voice commands. Related to these two technologies, industry experts believe that the next new thing will be the rise of more systems using gesture control in their gaming applications.


As the culture of the world changes, the themes of the gaming industry continues to evolve right along with it. Games are being used more and more as a vehicle for self-expression, and this is evident in the increasing use of themes such as redemption, online relationships, self-discovery, and more.


Over the last decade, the sector of mobile gaming has led the industry in the expansion. As smartphones have continued to employ new technologies compatible with nearly any type of game, developers have raced to create and implement these platforms in an attempt to corner the market. Mobile phone gaming is also the most accessible to the everyday user. You no longer need a gaming console or the latest PC gaming set-up to be able to play some of the most popular games on the market. Mobile gaming is generally the gateway to gaming for many people, leading the way to a passion for the hobby.