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Going from the player to developing video games is going to be a seismic step for any person. Being a video game developer is not about playing games, but instead using programming tools to create a vivid world for other players to place themselves in. You need the drive to work long, sometimes unpaid, hours to complete tasks.

Now if knowing that didn’t deter you away from wanting to be a video game developer let’s go ahead and start talking about what their primary function is.

There can be misconceptions on what a developer actually does in their role. When you are the developer, you are going to be the person, or part of a group of people, who take the storyline of a video game and developing it into the actual playable game. You are going to be the one that creates the world using code. You are programming how the characters move and putting the story that is designed for the game together.

Now if you wanted to be the one that would sit down and map out the game, story and all, that would be the video game designer. They are two crucial, but different roles.

Now if the idea of staring at a screen bringing the ideas on paper to life sounds like something that would interest you, let’s start discussing where you should begin your journey to become a developer.


Depending on what kind of developer you want to be, you may or may not need a degree. If you plan on being your own boss and publishing on your own, as long as you are comfortable with your knowledge you don’t need to go to school. With that being said, if you only have a basic understanding and you struggle to complete one task for the game, then maybe you shouldn’t disregard going to school.

Getting an education will provide you with the skills that you need, and some that you may not know you needed. Now if you want to work for a Triple-A company, they could require an educational foundation from a college before bringing you onboard. It’s important to know where you want to work when you decide to become a developer so that you can create an action plan on how to proceed.

Skill Set

There are skills that you are going to be needing in order to be a developer. That would include, but not just limited to, being able to use C++, work with video game engines that are already out, and have math skills. A significant portion of games that are being released still use C++ to develop the game. Being able to navigate that will benefit you, if you happen to work for a company that is utilizing it. Having experience with other video game engines will give you the same advantage. You won’t need to learn something new when you start the project and instead will be able to start working right away. Continuously learning how to develop games with multiple engines will only benefit you. You don’t have to be a master in math since the game will handle most of the work, but you do have to have the basic understanding to see what is happening.


One of the best ways to become a developer is going to be getting experience in the field. Whether that is through an internship, working for a company, or creating something on your own. Each has their benefits and downfalls, but what matters is that you get the experience so that you can gain more knowledge.

Becoming a developer isn’t easy, but what makes it worthwhile is the creations that come from it. You could help create games that thousands of people end up playing. If there is something that you desperately want to do, don’t hesitate in making your move