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With the holidays right around the corner, it can be daunting figuring out what to get children. Fortunately, even knowing one or two of a child’s interests can be a boon for getting him something they will appreciate. This guide has been written to advise holiday shoppers on items to look out for when shopping for kids who like video games, regardless of their gender.


Themed Clothing

Shoppers can do themselves a huge favor and, after learning that the child-in-question likes video games, ask their parent or guardian what sort of games he or she likes. Once the shopper knows what to games to research, it should be easy to find clothing with logos and expressions about those particular games. Alternately, attire themed just around gaming as a whole, depicting various controllers and media formats, would also be sensible.

Themed Jewelry

This has some level of overlap with clothing, and girls will more welcome jewelry than by boys. One common example of this would be if the child is known for appreciating “The Legend of Zelda” franchise, you are bound to do well in getting them earrings or a necklace featuring the “Triforce” artifact from that series.

Gift Cards

While some may criticize gift cards as a cop-out gift, sometimes all a person needs to do is to indicate that they know about the gift’s recipient’s interests. When buying a gift card for a gamer, learn what gaming consoles they not only possess but actively use. If the shopper is a relative, who learns that the child’s parents are buying a new gaming device for the child, tossing in a corresponding $10, $25 or $50 value gift card can do wonders for that child’s appreciation.

Battery Chargers

Most gaming controllers are wireless devices that only hold a charge for so long without tethering them to a USB cable. Gifting a multi-ported USB charger or a charger for certain hybrid systems like Nintendo’s “Switch” is a practical, useful gift that allows the child and his friends to game further away from his gaming device comfortably.

Wall Accessories

There are countless companies out offering licensed posters, wall decals and the like. Once a shopper discerns which properties the child appreciates most, its easy to find just the right piece of themed artwork or designs for the child to decorate their room with.