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Hal Abramson

Festival Promoter


Hal Abramson knows his way around a game console. Even in his seventies, he regularly attended and promoted gaming and technology festivals, which have only continued to rise in popularity. He enjoys staying on top of new technology trends, making his involvement with technology and gaming festivals feel much more like play than work.

Abramson has maintained a long career in the promotion and marketing fields, getting his feet wet with many different kinds of festivals over the years. Instead of completing his college degree, Abramson began to promote festivals in the food and automobile industries, promoting food festivals and car shows all over the world.

His interest in technology and gaming came later on, but he’s glad to have given them a chance in recent years. The first technology festival he attended was MAGFest, which initially was called the Mid-Atlantic Gaming Festival. It has grown from a meager 300 attendees in the early 2000s to over 20,000 this past year. Abramson considers the festival a unique experience in that MAGFest has no corporate sponsors, and rather than come down at the end of each day, the festival continues to run for four days straight.

He has also seen the Insomnia Gaming Festival come into its own as the most extensive video gaming festival in all of the United Kingdom. Taking part in helping promote the tech and gaming industry has been like being a part of history for Abramson. Many of these festivals have been around for barely twenty years, and yet they are some of the most successful events to take place today.

While Abramson has not had a chance to make it to the International Gaming Festival in his own backyard in San Francisco, he is eager to celebrate and partake in exciting upcoming games by new developers. The Hollywood Entertainment Technology Festival is also one of his must-sees, which is a joint effort between the United States and China to examine the integration of entertainment and technology, and how storytelling media are using technology to enhance the experience. And, of course, the International Consumer Electronics Show remains a favorite, where years of innovative genius have made their debut. To contribute and organize such an iconic event would be the dream.

At the end of the day, Abramson comes home to Los Angeles, California. When he needs a break from the busy life of a promoter, he can be found working in his garden or catching the latest Dodgers game on television.